Chapter 2

What Requires Work

Vector vs. Bitmap

In the world of computer artwork there are only 2 formats, albeit with a few hundred names and formats for each. These would be “Vector” & “Bitmap”. Bitmap is generally the format for full color photos, and it works just like your computer monitor, or your TV. Everything is broken down into tiny dots (or Pixels) and that dot is combined with the dots around it to fool your eye into seeing colors. The most common are RGB (Red, Green, & Blue dots) or CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black). These are most commonly saved as .jpg ,.bmp , or .psd files. Although they work well for process printing, or for your regular printer, screenprinting is indeed it’s own animal.

If you are looking to print a one or two color job these types of files often must be transformed into Vector files through a very complex and labor intensive process. The best you can do is to get it to us in black and white in these formats, with instructions as to what colors go where. Also, and more importantly, the resolution of the image is a problem. Pictures from the web are usually 72 dpi (dots per inch), and we usually require 200-300 dpi, depending on the complexity of the artwork. We Always check and refine artwork we receive, if we have to do work to bring it to our standards, than artwork charges apply.

“Vector” artwork is, well, if I can grab a piece of it and fill that piece with the color of my choice, it’s vector. If you’ve ever dabbled with a computer art program, and you drew a circle, or a rectangle, and then “filled” it with a color, you created vector art.The most common vector programs are Adobe Illustrator & CorelDraw. Assuming the artwork is filled with the proper PMS colors (Pantone Matching System, for example; the heart above is 185C), then your only cost is for us to print your separation(s) to vellum.

Hand Drawn Art

Hand drawn art is happily accepted provided it is in a dark ink (India ink pens are best for this). Pencil or light inks are almost impossible to get a clean scan from, meaning you will need your artwork redrawn by us, at an hourly cost to you.

Business Cards, Photocopies, etc.

As a general rule, things that are large are easy to make smaller, whereas things that are tiny almost never look good blown up. That logo that looks so good on your business card will look like abstract art when it’s magnified 100X to make the full back print you want out of it. Likewise, that photocopy of a shirt you have.....or “I have this shirt (that’s been washed 1,000 times, is cracked, and smells like a compost pile)” must realize that it takes time and effort to make that into the quality shirt we as a company want and you as a customer expect. This is all really well summarized by a saying from the programming world, GIGO, or Garbage In Garbage Out. Most of the time, all that is necessary is an “Artwork Makeover”, where everything gets smoothed and re-drawn and output to vellum, with a proof provided to you for approval via fax or e-mail. The cost for this and other services we provide are on the last page of this pamphlet.

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