Chapter 3

What's Downright Unacceptable

Copyrighted Artwork

There are a few urban mythís that have circulated for a long time as to what you can and cannot print. One of these is that if you change somebody elseís work just slightly ( and weíve heard varying percentages), then itís OK to use it. This is complete and utter rubbish. Basically, Copyright Law says that if you look at something, and you recognize it as something thatís copyrighted, well, then itís copyrighted. We work very hard to create original art to the specifications you provide, but we cannot and will not steal the work that others have created.

Licensed Goods

On a regular basis we get asked to put a Yankee logo on your Kid's Bar Mitzvah shirt, or a Disney character for your Daughter's Sweet 16. We are licensed vendors for several well known teams, as well as several television programs. These licenses are EXTREMELY expensive, and the folks who give us those licenses expect us to adhere to their rules. The Number One Rule, you can't use a Licensed image unless it is requested by the owner of the license. I'm sure you've all been to concerts, and saw the guys in the parking lot hawking shirts for your favorite band for far cheaper than they are inside the venue. These are considered "Black Market" shirts, and generally, you get what you pay for, as the shirts don't usually make it through the first wash cycle. Teams like the Yankees are incredibly protective of what their logo goes on, as they don't want to diminish the brand. They are incredibly proactive in suing the pants off of companies that violate their licensing agreements with their logos. We, as a business, have seen far too many of our competitors get shut down because they decided it was OK to put a Yankee logo, or a Disney Princess, on a shirt. The fines are in the tens of thousands of dollars, so, NO! We will not put licensed logos on anything we do, period.

Stuff You Wouldn't Want the Kids to See

I believe the title above says it all. We are a Family Owned & Operated Shop, and we have all types of people that we are proud to call our customers. We reserve the right to deny the printing of any job we deem offensive.

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