Chapter 5

Things We Charge For

Screen Charges :

There is a Screen Charge for each color necessary to complete your job. We need to place your artwork on a specific area of the screen for the job you request, so there is another charge to put your image in another location.

$ 25 per Screen

*This is an initial charge,as we only charge for your screens the first time we burn them. There is no further screen charges for subsequent runs, provided the screen is used at least once in a 15 mo. period

Outputs (Computer Files) :

Due to the rising cost of film, we find it unfortunately necessary to charge if you would like your films to go.

$ 5 per Page

(Up to 13 x 19 Page)

Please Keep in mind that the file must be of an acceptable resolution (300 dpi or more)

Scan & Go (Paper Copy) :

A clean image on paper in black and white at exactly the size that is required for the print, with a sheet for each color separation. We do a scan, check for alignment and trap the colors (where possible), add registration marks, and output the artwork to film. Please label sheets clearly !

$ 20 per Page

(Up to 13 x 19 Page)

Artwork Makeovers :

Most things that get submitted to Q-Ts seem to fall into this category. This would be the photocopies, the business cards, the low resolution artwork, the old ts, etc. These can be incredibly time consuming, so we do not do our artwork in-house any longer. We generally send these to any one of several art services, with turn-around time just a day or two. Your artwork will be separated and (where possible) trapped, with a proof provided for your approval via fax or e-mail.

$ 75 per Hour

New Artwork :

We have extensive experience in how to take the idea you have and turn it into the imprint you desire. These designs are priced according to their complexity, at an hourly rate. Professional Quality Color Separations will be produced.

$ 75 per Hour

Estimates Can Be Provided Beforehand

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